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Printed and embroidered clothing for your business, club, team or event

MOTORHEAD  T-Shirt Bioshock Killzone Helghast T-Shirt
Bioshock Telekinesis Tee
Our Price: £15.00
Sale Price: £10.00
Save £5.00!
Killzone Helghast Tee
Our Price: £15.00
Bootlegger TV DOUBLE DIAMOND T-Shirt BG75 Bagbase Retro Bowling Bag
Bootlegger Tee
Our Price: £10.00
Double Diamond Tee
Our Price: £14.00
BG75 Bagbase Retro Bowling Bag
Our Price: £19.08 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £17.88 Inc VAT
Save £1.20!
HMV T-Shirt ACE OF CLUBS Result Urban Ultimate Storm Cyclone Parka
Our Price: £14.00
Our Price: £14.00

Printed and Embroidered garments for your Business, Team, Club or Event

At Halu we break down the stuffy preconceptions of boring corporate work wear to offer a range of alternative and exciting garments to create the perfect professional look for your business, team, club or event. Based in Oswestry, Shropshire we supply embroidered clothing to our neighbouring towns Welshpool, Wrexham and throughout North Wales. We have a vast range of hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, aprons, jackets, caps and sportswear. 

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For more about our alternative indie t-shirts, watch a video about Halu's inspiration: our artists.